Winter Music Time: Tune of the Week VII

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but I’ve been in Thailand for the past while. Oh woe is me, I know!

But I wanted to share Com Truise. I downloaded this a long time ago actually, but I took me a while to get into him. Yes most of the songs off the album are remarkably similar to one another, but after a while I decided that was a good thing. It’s his style. and if you like his style, then you want more of it.

I’ve been really enjoying this album though, Galactic Melt, as it reminds me of Tangerine Dream and Risky Business (I think the name Com Truise should be indicative that this is no coincidence).

Think blue lights under cars, the city scape at night, girls riding motor cycles, and warm summer evenings (or as it happens, winter evenings in a tropical country). Anything dark with a bit of light. Shade with joy.